This page is meant primarily as a resource for students taking a class with me as the instructor. The student resources include textbooks, short expositions on topics in my courses, and other resources that may help students better understand the material.

Course History

I started as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Universitetet i Bergen in Fall 2021.
I was employed as a Graduate Employee and Teaching Assistant at the University of Connecticut from Fall 2016 through Spring 2021.
I was employed as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Hartford from Fall 2017 through Fall 2020.

SemesterYearSchoolCourse CodeCourse Name
Spring2022UiBMAT331 (Topics in Analysis)Stochastic Differential Equations (co-taught with Adrien A. Laurent)
Spring2021UConnMATH 2410Differential Equations
Fall2020UConnMATH 2210Linear Algebra
Fall2020UHartM240Multivariable Calculus
Summer2020UConnMATH 2210Linear Algebra (TA, online)
Summer2020UHartM240Multivariable Calculus
Spring2020UConnMATH 2410Differential Equations
Spring2020UHartM240Multivariable Calculus
Fall2019UHartM242Differential Equations
Fall2019UHartM240Multivariable Calculus
Summer2019UConnMATH 2210Linear Algebra (TA, online)
Summer2019UHartM240Multivariable Calculus
Spring2019UConnMATH 2410Differential Equations
Spring2019UHartM240Multivariable Calculus
Summer2018UHartM240Multivariable Calculus
Spring2018UConnMATH 2410Differential Equations
Fall2017UConnMATH 2110DMultivariable Calculus (TA)
Fall2017UHartM240Multivariable Calculus
Spring2017UConnMATH 1132DCalculus 2 (TA)
Fall2016UConnMATH 1131DCalculus 1 (TA)
Spring2016UHartM145Calculus 2 (Co-op Ed)

Student Resources

Multivariable Calculus

Differential Equations